Ask the Accountant – Can You Provide References?

Q: Can you provide references?

A: Yes, absolutely. Our testimonials are our references, and they are available to view on our website and our business Facebook page.

As with every other professional you employ to carry out work on your behalf, if the accountant doesn’t have references then you should steer clear.

Ideally, you should hear from similar companies to your own – this means the accountant will have experience in your field of business and knows the challenges you face.

The references should concentrate on professionalism, client contact and timeliness of work.

You do not want to have to wait 3 weeks for an answer to your finance questions, nor do you want to be met with resistance when you contact the practice enquiring to talk with someone.

Timeliness of work is important because you want to ensure that all deadlines your company must meet are adhered to – it’s you who gets the fine, not the accountant!

If an accounting firm can’t or won’t provide references, we advise you to keep searching for one who can.