Ask the Accountant – How quickly will I get a response?

A: No one likes waiting 3 weeks to get an answer from their accountant – we realised this when we sat down and curated our list of ‘what is wrong within the accounting industry’, prior to setting up C Allan & Son. So, we have written into our key performance indicators that all staff should aim to respond to emails within 42 hours.

Of course for technical questions or liaising with outside agencies such as HMRC or Companies House, things may take a little longer to investigate, therefore this should be highlighted to the client, with a realistic time frame specified.

We answer the telephone if we are present in the office – which is from 9.30am to 5 pm, with an hour for lunch (normally between 12 noon and 1 pm; however, this does vary). We do not employ a virtual office assistant to answer our calls, as we feel this is impersonal. Most of our clients tend to email, and this is our preferred method of contact because it creates a natural paper trail and a record of agreed work and timescales.

Initially, clients should email for any enquiries. Thereafter they will be allocated to a member of staff, who will provide their own work email address for correspondence.

We guarantee that you will always receive a response from C Allan & Son!