Client Showcase, January 2024

Our first showcase of 2024 kicks off with longstanding client and photographer extraordinaire, Euan Robertson.

We were introduced to Euan via his wife Cat, who some of you will remember had her own successful make artistry business. Sadly for faces in the West Coast and beyond, Cat decided to down her make up brushes and pursue a new career, teaching the youth of today music.

Back to Euan! Starting out as a sole trader, our role was to process Euan’s tax return for him and look at ways to maximise his profit for the year ahead. It became clear that his business was evolving in to something bigger and as such, we assisted him in setting up as a limited company. This is our jam – being part of the journey and helping clients with advise and to create something that works better for them (and their profits!). We love having the familiarity and scope to discuss new ideas and paths for progression, it also helps massively when the client is up for it too!

To tell you that Euan’s photography is a joy to behold really doesn’t cut it or capture his enthusiasm for his job, so we’ll quote the man directly,
“In my work I’m often drawn to create something enigmatic, exploring layers of story, revealing (or not) the motivations of my subjects. I quickly evolved from those hometown landscapes to photographing people and their stories. It’s in faces and characters that I find my motivation to keep on shooting. The most rewarding experience is finding a photo in a set that truly captures the essence of the subject”.

From heavyweight Scottish music festivals, through portraiture and commercial work to intimate elopements in the Highlands, there really isn’t anything Euan can’t capture perfectly. Don’t just take our humble opinion of his work, with a win from the Trad Music Scotland Awards and being exhibited by the Scottish Portrait Awards, there’s more still to come; we’re sure!

We really are privileged in having such diverse and creative clients. If you think we could help you to move your business forward in 2024, please get in touch via or alternatively call 0141 889 1161 (the telephone isn’t always manned as our team work remotely at times). You could also use the contact form on this website

To have a gander at Euan’s work for yourself, or to contact him regarding work please visit his website at or mail him on