Blog – Fun Fact Friday!

Everyone knows someone who’s currently got it, so today’s Fun Fact Friday is all about the common cold!

1. Most adults catch two to four colds per year, children can easily get six to 10; hence all those snotty-nosed weans!

2. More than 200 viruses are responsible for the cold. The most common are called human rhinoviruses (HRV)

3. There are around 100 known subtypes of HRV, meaning that a vaccine cannot be made (and there is no cure for the common cold)

4. Rhinoviruses survive for three hours outside of the body, and can sometimes live for up to 48 hours on touchable surfaces, including everything from door handles to light switches and everything in between!

5. A single cold virus can have 16 million offspring within the course of a day (boak), so cover your mouth and wash those hands

Did those numbers hurt your head? Do your business numbers leave you feeling as mince as when you have the cold?

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