Fun Fact Friday!

It’s Fun Fact Friday.

Today we’re looking at the Grey Heron!

1. Grey Herons are tall birds, averaging at 100cm with a wing span of almost 6ft

2. Irrespective of their height, they are surprisingly light birds, weighing in on average at 1.5kg

3. Herons, although solitary when hunting, are actually very sociable when nesting

4. Heron nests are known as ‘heronries’, most of which is built in trees around 25m from the ground

5. Grey Herons are found throughout the world – occurring in Asia, as far east as Japan and much of Sub-Saharn Africa and Europe

So, there you go. Probably everything you ever wanted to know about the Grey Heron?

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Have a great Friday and an even better weekend šŸ˜Š