Good news Friday!

When we started our business we sat down and listed the things we wanted to do differently. At the top of that list was customer service. We wanted and still, want to do our best for our clients. It’s what we thrive on!

Accountancy for a very long time has been one of those professions that people simply accept a rather poor service; especially little or no contact with the person they are paying a pretty penny to, to undertake work on their behalf.

This work is often complex and people find it daunting in the first instance when the professional doesn’t involve the client in the process this seems to make things all the more stressful.

Of course, it takes time to touch base with your clients, but it’s the clients that make your business; they deserve this meaningful relationship.

So, when we receive emails like this – it makes our hearts jump for joy and we’re proud of how we have stuck to the very founding principle of our business – let’s do things differently.

I won’t post the full transcript but just an excerpt that has made our Friday:

“That’s amazing news, thank you very much for all your efforts!

Thank you again, and you can rely on me recommending your firm to friends in the future”. 

We hope your weekend is getting off to a good start too!