New Review

We’ve been having an absolute nightmare recently with HMRC. Extensive call waiting times, phones then being hung up after waiting for over an hour to speak to an agent, rude and unhelpful staff…the list goes on.

Then like a little burst of sunshine on a very cloudy day, comes a review from a client that just blows you away.

I’ll post the email we received from Angela, in it’s entirety (I have her permission to do so) because it really has been a tough few months, dealing with HMRC and I’m exceptionally proud of our little team and their dedication to providing the best in customer service!

“Hi Chris,
Your phone call on Saturday and it’s news was just the best…. I went off the phone totally elated, it was so unexpected to hear that the HMRC issue is sorted.
From our previous call I had accepted that the situation would be unresolved for some time yet. So to say I am thrilled delighted etc etc is an understatement.

As I said on Saturday I was totally unaware that you were checking my account daily….to me that demonstrates such commitment on your part to resolve HMRC’s incompetencies.

It also tells me that you go above and beyond for your customers. Relieved that this tax situation has concluded successfully and happy that C Allan & Son can cease working so diligently on this. I really can’t thank you enough for all the work you and Fiona have had to do to resolve this. I am very grateful. ( I got a lovely email from Fiona this morning…I can see she is chuffed that it’s concluded also )

I want to let you know I still wish to offer my support in relation to you quoting my story to Mhairi Black MP or to HMRC’s complaints process as I am acutely aware the impact HMRC’s inefficiencies and incompetence is having on you, your staff and clearly lots of people who require to pay tax through self assessment processes.

So please don’t hesitate to say if you need to use my situations information or wish me to send anything in writing that supports in resolving the problems being faced. I am more than happy to do this.

Best Wishes

Thank you to Angela for taking the time to write a review. We always feed back any comments to the team and your words really do make a difference.

We are in the process of asking Mhairi Black MP for assistance with the issues with HMRC at the moment. We’ll report back when we have any update on this.