Reaching our goals

Back in 2013 when we incorporated C Allan & Son, we underpinned the values that our company would be founded upon (they have never changed and can be found on our website, under ‘about us’).

We stated proudly, “We believe in real time information, informal meetings and knowing our clients’ businesses personally”.

We are exceptionally proud to share that 77% of our clients when asked ‘What does this company do really well?’ responded that we communicate with them.

Not only this, when we communicate, we give information promptly and in such a way that is plainly understandable.

In addition, we are really helpful and informative at tailoring to what our clients need.

We will continue to do our best for our clients because we appreciate your business and we believe in doing things better.

Thank you for your continued support, C Allan & Son Accountancy Services would be nothing without it.