Self Assessment

The most common reason to complete one is because you are self employed. Other reasons can include, but aren't limited to, if you earn money that hasn't already been taxed, your State Pension was more than your Personal Allowance or you didn't pay enough tax in previous years.

Unless you have a detailed understanding of HMRC tax legislation, you could be losing money, and no one wants that.

We will analyse your self-assessment tax return to uncover if you are eligible for tax savings and address any anomalies prior to submission. This process will minimise the risk of HMRC investigating your tax affairs. 

If your business is not performing as expected, we can explore the possibilities of deferring your tax payments or negotiate a payment plan with HMRC on your behalf.

We offer a fixed competitive price, with our fees being tax deductible – remove the worry of self-assessment with the added possibility of saving money.