We will prepare your VAT return in a timely manner and ensure you are registered for the most efficient VAT scheme.

Use our expertise to eliminate the chance of being fined by HMRC. The rules are complex and voluminous – it takes experience, knowledge and time to understand VAT.  

We have over 21 years’ experience across several sectors both nationally and internationally. These include charitable, aviation, marine, generation and supply, outsourcing, local government, civil service and IT. We are heavily involved with businesses who trade via e-commerce – this has equipped us with invaluable knowledge of modern practices and the relevant VAT rules.

If you’ve just incorporated, we can advise you on whether to register for VAT from inception and will continue to monitor your profit to inform you if you require to become VAT registered. Similarly, should you benefit from becoming deregistered we will advise you accordingly.

We will act as your agent; liaising with HMRC on your behalf – so you know you will always be compliant. The information we receive will be dutifully forwarded, so you will always know what is expected of you and when. 

Any changes in VAT rules will be communicated with you before they happen, and we can provide training for your staff, meaning they are aware and prepared in advance.