Blog – Ask the Accountant

Q. Why do you offer pay-monthly packages?

A. We found that offering pay monthly packages to our clients allows them to split the cost of our fees over the year, instead of paying in full; when they may already owe HMRC money too.

Our clients paying monthly also assists our cashflow, which really helps us as we’re a small business. We’re also signed up to the Scottish Business Pledge, part of which is paying our suppliers in a timely fashion, so having regular income is important.

We do offer one of payment for clients who don’t feel comfortable engaging in a contract, however, these fees will be higher and they also don’t include ongoing support.

The choice is entirely up to you – pay over 12 months and receive regular communication and the chance to ask questions, or, if you’re confident you don’t need us, pay in full and use us again in the future, if required.