Blog – Fun Fact Friday!

Fun Fact Friday, a nod to our greyhound friends at Greyhound Awareness League.

1. Greyhounds originate from ancient Egypt

2. They are the fastest dogs in the world

3. They have the nickname ’40 mph couch potato’, owing to their tendency for laziness

4. In the Middle Ages in Britain, only Nobles were permitted to own a greyhound

5. Greyhounds make amazing family pets due to their peaceful and gentle temperament

Owing to our peaceful and gentle temperament, we make amazing accountants!

We take our time to ensure that our clients know exactly how their business is performing; using a language that they understand.

Have a peek at our reviews and you’ll see a recurring theme of how we listen to and support our clients with their business journey.

Disclaimer: We make no comment on our tendency for laziness outwith business hours…

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