Client Showcase

It’s client showcase time, and what a lovely one we have this week while the weather is doing it’s best to dampen moods!

If you’ve walked down Paisley High Street in the last couple of years you will have no doubt walked past Bailey’s Antiques and found yourself drawn to have a little nosey in the window?

Their website simply states, “We sell old stuff” and while that may essentially be true, this wee shop is so much more.

Ben (Bailey) has created a little slice of nostalgic paradise – you can lose yourself in here for the best part of an afternoon: from Daleks in the the display to retro clothing and our son’s personal favourite, “dead old comics” – the paper variety, not actual older comedians who have died.

Not only does Ben have an Aladdin’s cave full of memorabilia, he also collabs with local creatives to showcase their work – what a guy!

If you haven’t been in to the store yet, you’re missing out. Not only on the amazing treasures inside, but Ben really is a delight both in person and on his socials. Head over to Facebook (@baileysantiquesandvintage) and Instagram (@baileys_antiques) and give both pages a wee like to be kept entertained and up to date on what’s new in the Paisley antique market – get it?! *badoom tsh!*

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